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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

What's the link?

Quick quiz: what is the link between the following two items?

This blog post can be read at

My sitting room carpet which was here when I moved in the house

And this:

No need for answers on a postcard. It's simple.

The day both these items leave my house for good will be one of the happiest of my life.

Update: In response to MB94128

What that carpet hides!! One day, when we all have broadband and I can go back to work, I will have a beautiful recycled floorboard floor over all this cabling!

Cat 5 overkill! I don't actually have 24 devices to plug in, but maybe one day.....

Cat 5 subtly running up the doorframe to the attic where the meshbox for the neighbours is plugged in.


MB94128 said...

The carpet looks like a mass-produced copy of an oriental / Persian rug. Is it the damaged wall or the possible POTS cable (down low ?) in the second image that's the problem ?

Speaking of walls how hard would it be for you to wire your place for Ethernet ? Do you have an attic or basement and hollow walls that will allow you to hide the cables ?

I'm curious because I'm facing my own wiring upgrade from POTS to dual Cat-5. It's looking like I'll surface mount my cabling but there will still be a number of holes to drill through walls and at least one floor.

Cybersavvy UK said...

LOL!! The real problem is the fact that the second photo clearly indicates that there is still copper running into my home from a company I would pay not to have to deal with ever again. ;o)

And I'll just add some extra photos for you to the post in a mo so you can see a) what sins that carpet actually hides and b) where my ethernet runs currently.

MB94128 said...

Looks like several kittens and a couple of balls of yarn got together at playtime. I agree it's a tangle but how many years are spanned from first cable to now ?

I've had my share of tangles (raised floor with POTS, RS-232, bus+tag, high amp multi-phase; choked commo ducts; dropped ceiling with Cat-5 and POTS) so yours isn't too ugly.

This is where James P. Hogan's "Datastrip" (no connection to the bar code) from "The Two Faces of Tomorrow" (see Chapter 16) would be very handy. It was a hybrid cabling concept that combined power and data channels with smart switching nodes. Supposedly it would look like some sort of molding or trim. Oh well, I'll just settle for a hybrid cable that has two Cat-5's and maybe a CATV grade co-ax (RG-6, was RG-59).

"The Two Faces of Tomorrow" (Baen Free Library)