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Friday, 22 October 2010

NOW I feel like cheering!!

All it took was a single meeting. (Two, actually!) Of community people who don't take shit (oops, sorry dad!) from Westminster......

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The communities who most need broadband are no longer willing to sit back and await solutions from London.

Three cheers for Cumbrians, and folks from North Yorkshire, who in the last 24 hours have turned this crap on its head.

Digging is about to commence in the first mile. People suddenly have realised what they need to do. There is going to be no waiting about for funding decisions.

Reality has struck that BT do not need to be involved, that every community can do its thing, and that all of this next gen stuff can belong to US and our next generations.

Am feeling quite upbeat......and hope that other communities around the country pick up on what is now going on here in the north......


Anonymous said...

This is ground-breaking (sic) news and most welcome.

Whilst care does need to be taken to ensure that 1st Mile diggings result in a durable and adoptable infrastructure of ducts and fibres, there is no earthly reason for folks not to get on a start creating rich islands of fibre connectivity.

Time to replace Red Tape with Green fibre marker tape!

final third said...

never underestimate the power of rorysreivers, the people rise up to the challenge, as we knew they would - all they needed was the hope that government is going to help them sort out the backhaul. If there is a pump within reach those reivers will dig to it. Big society enabling a generation to help the generations still to come.