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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Radio Lentil - Miles Mandelson

Great Asby Broadband, a small village broadband network in Eden, Cumbria, is a prime example of community JFDI. Miles Mandelson is the Chairman.

This blog post can be read at

Miles is responsible for producing the Parish Guide to NGA which is essential reading for any Parish Council.

Great Asby has received RDPE funding to both extend its network and increase the backhaul capacity, so exciting times lie ahead! Mark Holdstock interviewed Miles for Radio Lentil-Miles Mandelson Part 1


Miles Mandelson - Part 2



chris said...

Fantastic boo, the ending seems to be missing but I got the gist of it, a community just doing it for themselves. Wonderful. If only others could have access to a pipe, we could see many more like this springing up to serve the notspots, and eventually they could lay fibre to the pipe as their needs grow. Well done to Great Asby, an inspiration to us all. I particularly like the link to the parish council information which shows how others can JFDI. The photos on the chairman's website are good too, its great when a community shares stuff...
... this is big society in action? No wonder the government is looking at Eden for the beta project if this is the sort of people who live there. Great stuff. Its interesting to note that Asby is just the sort of village who would have been consigned to the BT BET scrapheap, or told to 'get a satellite for each of the 200 homes' under the Infinity proposals.


chris said...

that's better, splitting the boo into two!