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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Into Africa

This will be an interesting one to watch
This blog post can be read at

This could provide evidence of the economic benefits of a good fbre connection


Somerset said...

The UK has had a fibre network for years unlike Rwanda and Kenya.

The UK issue is the local connection, not the core network and beyond.

And, maybe, for those in the final third who cannot afford a dedicated business connection.

I'm assuming there is no evidence that that large numbers of people would currently need more than 40M... (even for smart metering!)

chris said...

The difference between Africa and the UK is that their network isn't lumbered by connections to a victorian phone network and they will use the fibre for what it is meant for, internet connectivity instead of POTS.
As long as our infrastructure is controlled by the monopoly of a phone company we will continue to be throttled and capped and innovation won't happen. I agree with Lins. watch Africa.

Cybersavvy UK said...

Somerset - I would like to invite you to write some blog posts here...Your point of view would be welcomed.

Mark Holdstock said...

I think that what will be interesting to watch here is whether the provision of good internet access, into these areas could make a major contribution towards the alleviation of poverty.

If there is a proven economic benefit to these countries of having even arms length access to good internet connections, even if it isn't the Kenyan or Rwanda equivalent of FTTH, it will strengthen the economic argument for pushing improvements to the reach of high speed internet here.

If it could be useful for bringing in new forms of economic activity in Africa, then it could do the same in Cumbria.

It's not about what they could learn from us, but about what we could learn from what is happening there