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Monday, 11 October 2010

An every day tale of farming folk.

An important video
This blog post can be read at

Why digital technology is important to me. And my family. And my farm.

This video has been made for Sheffield Docfest Digital Revolutions to highlight how technology has changed a farmer's wife's life. Watch, enjoy, comment, tweet, and share!!


Johann said...

This shows how decent broadband is essential - it's not just an added extra, it's a must-have.

Cyberdoyle said...

very true Johann, it is really difficult to live without one these days, but many in rural areas have to.
We need fibre access in the communities, and then we can build our own networks round them. The film was made on such a community network. It only has access to a 2 meg feed. just think of the potential if it had gigs!

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Surprised you didn't mention your fibre project. Rural Britain needs next generation broadband and you demonstrate that wonderfully here. Good luck!

Cyberdoyle said...

the fibre film is the next one in the list on youtube, just look further down or use this link

I love making these movies! just wish I had the bandwidth to do them in HD. One day... when I get my fat pipe.
If I won the digitalrevolutions film comp I could fibre up 10 more farms.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. I thought you may have mentioned your next generation broadband project. A high speed infrastructure to ALL parts of Britain is essential to our future and you illustrate that so well in this film with your wonderful insights. Good luck!

Cybersavvy UK said...

This is the link for the first rural fibre dig