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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Comments on Cornwall

It seems that the latest (supposedly) super-fast broadband tender has caused a huge furore. If you want to comment (named or anonymously) come and have your say, and join the throng. Are you a resident of Cornwall? How do you feel about the process and result? Are you a supplier in the South West? Are you a business in the Digital Peninsula? Were you involved in the tender process? Come and have your say on 5tth....

This blog post can be read at

Oh, next week should be fun! I am trying to get hold of Kevin Lavery (ex-BT and now CEO of Cornwall Council - interestingly, or oddly, based in York according to LinkedIn).

If you have a question you would like to put to him, please add to the comments - you can post anonymously. This is not going to go away I said previously....other areas, beware.


GuyJ said...

The simple nonsense about the whole Cornwall "NGA" announcement is that public money is being used to build the asset base of a for-profit commercial telecoms incumbent that will then effectively exclude the possibility of local communities finding better ways of developing the First Mile solutions that best fit their needs.

What we have instead is a case of fitting communities to what suits the legacy and obsolete infrastructure of BT.

And are we seriously supposed to accept that the entirety of Kernow is Final Third?!

The simple question is - when and on what terms does the taxpayer see a return in the Community Interest?

This top-down single provider, big-business-is-best, last-mile wrong-headed thinking has had its day.

Big Society is the way forwards.

Networks are only of value when people choose to use them and the sooner powers-that-be get their heads around that fact and either respond or step aside the better.

chris said...

agree, once this network is built with public money, will the incumbent reinvest the profits to bring connectivity to the ones it can't reach with its obsolete copper? will it upgrade the poor folk who have been given interim fibre to the cabinet?
The worst bit about it all is that public money will be used to bond copper pairs (BET) which is totally wrong. I think the more that can be found out about this the more other councils can avoid this happening to them.