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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

BDUK announcement

So, the rumour mill was right that we should listen to the speech. The 4 areas have been announced - Cumbria, Hereford, North Yorkshire and Highlands and Islands.

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Here's hoping that we are going to not see a repeat of other fiascos with public dosh that tend to surround broadband in this country. It is time to turn the tables and make the digital divide one which shocks the urbans and telcos into action, not vice versa. (Although, I see that BT's plans are being forced forwards by all our noise at a speed they are unaccustomed to........BT to announce FTTP at £21.50/month from March 2011)

I repeat my call from the other day:

  • Any project should be 100+Mbps symmetrical

  • A model not a pilot (The technology is too mature to pretend it needs testing and the business case has been proven elsewhere)

  • Community-owned not a further monopoly (think community in a wider sense that just a few people in wellies)

  • Future-proofed

  • Small but effective - proving the case, not thinly spread jam

Fingers crossed we won't be disappointed....

1 comment:

Cyberdoyle said...

I don't think Cumbrians are daft enough to fall for the copper scam a second time. they learnt their lesson with project access. We often have to learn things the hard way. The trick is to Learn.
Bring on the fibre, lets get some pumps going.