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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Why Penrith and Eden matter more than you think

You are not coming to an ordinary in Eden. In fact, 2 doors down from me, wireless networks were being played with by a certain Lord, and Marconi top dog, nigh on 80 years ago.

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The man who became Secretary of State, Postmaster General and Marconi management lived in my village. He was born, as far as I can discover, two doors away from where I sit right now as I type this. We had wireless before many cities had a clue what it was. Just as we had electricity and pure water earlier than urbanisations.

So, come to Eden this weekend, and enjoy being in a place known for innovation. Know that you are within a few miles of many, many other rural communities like my village, all of whom have stories to tell that put the majority of cities to shame.

Find me a city that put electricity in to homes before the village I grew up in or the village that I live in now. Look on Youtube for the places that have done fibre. Not faffed around with economically viable arguments, but places where it has been done because the PEOPLE need it.

Just like water. Just like our single light bulb in every house in the 1920s here on my road. (Courtesy of Ted Stone and his forefathers, many of whose descendants I know today). And sometimes, just because it can be done, like Ted's cutting edge wireless experiments as a kid that led him to head Marconi and become a Lord. A country boy from Eden in Cumbria, no less!

Innovation and solutions shouldn't start in cities........... they should, and will, start here in rural areas.

No names mentioned, but

Forget that at your peril.

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