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Monday, 13 September 2010

1Gbps to residents launched

Chattanooga, Tennessee, launched their community service today to residents. This blog post can be read at

Communities United for Broadband announced on their FB page an hour ago: EPB Telecom in Chattanooga, TN launched their 1gbps service to residents today! They are the first muni-operated system to do this. As a stand alone service it is $350 a month, but the price gets better if you bundle. If they can do this, what is stopping your community?

Good question - why can't we do this in the UK?

I suspect some major telcos are extremely concerned at the determination in this country to do just this and catch up with other community networks. Saturday could be a great deal of fun....;o)


GuyJ said...

The FttH network now being blown in Ashby Lincolnshire is GigE both ways to residents from the outset.

Initially with a 100Mbps Fat Pipe feed and, as a future-proof solution the service is delivered end to end on Fibre, upgrading is a software change.

tntoak said...

Because the electric company is running this service, they utilize the same monitoring software to check for service continuity that they use for power outages. This 'smart grid' also allows EPB to reroute as needed to bypass breaks in the service lines to minimize outages.