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Monday, 20 September 2010

FCC Headrush

Just noticed the FCC are following me on Twitter, and looking at their tweet stream, I found this snappy video about the 4th utility.
This blog post can be read at

I briefly spoke about the broadband need for our education system in my presentation, and it's great to see the US way of promoting it with the Educate to Innovate in STEM etc.

In rural areas we are always going to be fishing in a small pond for resources. But with true broadband - symmetrical and 100Mbps+,our (primary) schools, rural ones in particular, can grab the opportunity to access resources from outside of our small pond. There is no reason for our primary schools not to link with schools across the world to learn other languages, discover new cultures, do video tours of our villages for people elsewhere in the world.

If there is no harp teacher in the area and your child wants to learn that instrument, you can access a harp teacher somewhere else in the world with a proper broadband link. Ditto for every single subject, whatever age you are. Want to learn needlepoint, mecheng, or how to make a proper Yorkshire Pudding?

We can make lifelong learning a reality without suffering the scarcity of resource that rurality causes WHEN we have true broadband.


chris said...

cool, I could do a channel for yorkshire puddings no prob.

MB94128 said...

Re : Yorkshire Pudding


P.S. Hot baking dish + chilled batter that's whipped a second time just before it's poured into the dish and baked was my mother's trick for a high-rise pudding. Also, YP can be done with link sausages as a breakfast dish with stewed apples on the side (search for Toad-in-the-Hole). I think I better stop and go get breakfast before my drooling shorts out my keyboard.

Cybersavvy UK said...

I learnt a new trick today - using chopsticks to beat an egg!!! TY Kiz for going to Leeds and TY dad for getting us into your maitre d', I mean, alma mater (French vs Latin - French lost, quelle surprise!).

The academics could learn so much from grassroots to commercialise the products created in the research time, please let me into the Institute of Communications Studies. Colour Chemistry and Design was fun, but ......;o)