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Sunday, 19 September 2010

How do we develop NGA apps?

Nick Turner of the News and Star live blogged the rural broadband conference and asked live questions on behalf of those who could not get tickets.
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As I heard it, there was a question asked of Bill Murphy of BT: can developers have access to fibre? This is a massively important question. (However, looking at the live blog the question was actually: will BT or the national grid allow developers to piggyback on their infrastructure FOC?)

Let's go back to what I thought was asked. If you or I have never ever been on a symmetrical 1Gbps or even 100Mbps connection, then how can we comprehend and imagine the type of apps that will come into being when such connectivity and bandwidth is available? Where will tomorrow's apps come from in the UK if we can't play on such connectivity without either a) leaving the country to do so b) finding a business willing to let us play on their big fat pipe or c) spending thousands and thousands of pounds putting in a connection to do our R&D.

The UK has always been pretty good at innovation and we have of course led the world in many sectors because of our access to the right tools for the job. In this instance, very few people have access to the sorts of bandwidth that Korea etc have today in bedrooms across the country, so we are unable to innovate at all, let alone lead the world.

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