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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Google New

Am expanding the blog a little because I feel so few people (who need to) understand what consumers need a decent connection for, nor what those who are online are already doing.

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Matt Cutts (if you don't know who he is, google him!) just announced on Twitter a few minutes ago that Google are trying to keep everyone up to date with their new products with Google New.

For those who aren't the early adopters of the products that Google et al then adopt (read: buys up), this will at least get you into the loop before the majority of the world adopts it and hammers your networks! Some of us were using Youtube long before Google acquired it or most people had even heard of it, but were ignored when we said video was coming to the masses. Youtube is now known to possibly the vast majority of the globe.

You may not have looked up FourSquare, Facebook Places, ipadio etc yet. You may never have tried Skype video, ichat, Qik, Livestream, crowdsourcing, mashups, real time search or any one of 1000 other apps and services that are now on the go, but you can take it as read that these are the types of services which will achieve mass appeal and drive NGA take up.

And they all have one thing in common. When I said I think the killer app is here with social networking, I realised afterwards that you may have thought I meant Facebook, or Twitter, or LinkedIn. I don't. I mean 'user created content, sharing, conversations, etc' exactly as social networking meant prior to t'Interweb.

The least you can do is follow Google's new product streams and be there just in front of the majority of your consumers......Or you can watch the apps that Google has its eye on, and then you won't be taken by surprise when Google purchases an already highly popular app you actually know about.

And you should not be doing this by deep packet sniffing, or employing hardcore analytics to spy on your users/customers, or nodding sagely when people talk to you about things you are completely unaware of, but by doing exactly what the rest of us are - talking, conversing, sharing, asking, responding, interacting, experimenting etc.

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Cybersavvy UK said...

Oh, and Google are following in the footsteps of companies,such as IBM, Microsoft, Sun etc whose best ideas have most frequently come from the edge of the network (ie user in bedroom), and not from their R&D departments.

Watch the edge of the network and grassroots closely for the next great idea. That's where innovation traditionally starts and has for the history of mankind as far as I can tell.