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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Radio Lentil - Barry Forde

Radio Lentil Penrith interviews - Barry Forde (Courtesy: Mark Holdstock)

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chris said...

Excellent interview with Barry, Mark really cuts to the bone and asks the most informed questions doesn't he? Am well impressed.
Barry tells it like it is.
The Cleo network is amazing, our two counties have the best school infrastructure in the country. The two councils are to be commended for getting Barry and LUNs to build it for them.
They are not to be commended for shutting it away in a silo and claiming state aid rules for not sharing it with the community.
But that is another story for another day.
Great interview, well worth listening to.

Anonymous said...

Is there an alternative way of playing back this interview as audioboo doesn't play with Ubuntu?

Cybersavvy UK said...

Check yr Ubuntu set up! Others seem to have resolved it.