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Monday, 13 September 2010

Speed kills

Or rather lack of it, and it is killing the UK.

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Along with the Chattanooga announcement, I now hear that the next round of RUS funding in the USA includes a project very close to my heart - the USA version of what we would propose here given half a chance. This is not some tiny network, but a joined up thinking, economies of scale proposal that allows multiple rural communities to build a network without telco involvement, owned by the communities it serves, and built with the future IN PLACE. i.e without substantial upgrade paths (and hence further investment) to achieve what it needs to today AND tomorrow.

For anyone who has managed to get a ticket for this weekend, the two panels you MUST NOT MISS are at 11.40am and 16.30. That is when you will hear about very similar proposals to those which are making some of us go "W00t" tonight - the Digital Parish Pump, Mr Forde etc. And then there's the two colloquia on either side of the conference which will allow substantial JFDI opportunities for those who want to hear something different from the same old same old talking.

I will add one final thing. (Like you would expect any less of me!) This conference has the choice of becoming a Do It conference or a Talk About It Again conference. For all of you who plan to come and attempt to pull the wool over people's eyes from the platform, you are in the land of sheep farmers. We can shear to clear people's vision, and we will. We also know how to deal with slurry - be warned. And we can use technology. Including pigeons.

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Cyberdoyle said...

I hope Rory the pigeon can fly fast enough to escape the predators on Thursday... pigeons R Us interview on trefs blog explaining why we are doing it. Should be great fun, think that Look North are going to film it too, great publicity for the conference. Just hope some footballer doesn't pull a hooker and steal the news teams.