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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Big opportunities in Penrith

It would seem that God is coming to Penrith in a couple of weeks time to a certain broadband conference.

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Sadly, I have been unable to explain to my MP why Dave Isenberg's thinking, both past and present, has been so instrumental in steering broadband and telecom developments and therefore it seems that there is no room on Rory's conference program for him. (Personally, I can name at least five people I would be glad not to have to listen to YET AGAIN who Dave could easily replace, but it's not my event! And as you know, Dave has been keynote speaker at my events previously.)

However, others who have been in the broadband game for a few years have seen the opportunity of making DaveI a guest of honour and active participant, and he will be at the NextGenUs colloquia in the North Lakes Hotel on Friday eve and post-event on Saturday. Tickets are limited but the hotel has a reasonably spacious bar for post-colloquium colloquing!

Dave recently organised FiberFete in Lafayette with Geoff Daily (which a certain unpronounceable volcano prevented James Enck, myself and other Europeans attending - grrrrrrr!)

Fiberfete was an astounding event, from the streaming I managed to access, which brought together many involved in the different approaches to NGA. What is important to remember (and as I clearly saw back in January on my US road trip) is that we are literally light years behind the U.S., particularly in rural areas, and whilst the Brits remain reluctant to travel to learn from others, having someone like Dave Isenberg on (my) home territory is too good a chance to miss to find out what we should be doing.

Rory's conference is called Connecting Cumbrian Communities, and it is to be hoped that the action plan at the end of the day will encourage many to work together to do so. Teamwork, folks, is what is required. There are multiple companies who do not have speaker slots who are already JFDI so please, let's make this less of a talking heads event and much more about PLANNING and ACTION. And let's learn from those in the know who will be there.....

If you plan to attend the conference, feel free to do some pre-event networking here on this blog.

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GuyJ said...

It is such good news that David is able to visit Old England and hopefully share some of his New England vision.

As noted here by Cybersavvy, NextGenUs is honored to have David Isenberg joining the pre and post colloquia wrapping around the sold-out Connecting Cumbria Communities event instigated and hosted by Rory Stewart MP