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Monday, 20 September 2010

#rbc10 Broadband Conference videos

Many thanks to John Popham for filming and for uploading them so quickly. (You can tell he doesn't live in a rural area!)
This blog post can be read at

The videos from the Penrith Connecting Cumbrian Communities conference hosted by Rory Stewart are being uploaded onto Youtube as I write, and many are already available.


Cyberdoyle said...

john has been uploading these videos all night. Even though he lives in an urban area it is a struggle, we need symmetrical access as you have pointed out on this blog so many times. The reason is that citizen journalism, of which John is proving to be a master of, gets the news out to others globally who couldn't attend the conference. It is also our history, which is archived digitally. It is also a reminder of a wonderful day in case we want to watch it again, as the speakers were all outstanding in their fields. It was a fantastic conference, and thanks to John it will always be available. Online. (if you can get a connection) ;) Kudos to John.

John said...

You're all just too kind!