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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Want to be heard?

This year, already, I have once again met far too many people to mention by name who have coloured my thinking, or altered it entirely. Do you want somewhere to speak and share your views? This is a collaborative blog. If you have something to say to an increasingly wide audience, just ask for guest posting rights. Please.

This blog has a global audience. Don't ask me how it has happened, because I know not. But I do know that there are people eager to hear other points of view than from the UK, and many who feel they ought to be contributing but seem 'afeared'.

Please. If you want a chance to be heard, this really is an 'open space'. Just get in touch and contribute your thoughts, expertise, experience, opinions etc. If even 10% of those I spoke to Lisbon wrote something here, we would all move on to the new FTTH world so much faster.

I don't mean that immodestly, but I was told that many people do not have a space in which to share their expertise, dreams, hopes, aspirations etc. I stand by what I said in Lisbon and elsewhere -



TheInn said...

Dunno if that offer will be taken up, quite often the stuff I want to write you have already written? Often there is no need to comment on your posts because you have said it all. No wonder everyone reads your blog! I hope some guest posts do come, surely there are people out there who would love some input to one of the best blogs ever...

chris said...

oops, was in alternate account there, was doing a website for our local pub...
... it was me really in case you were wondering.
chris ;)