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Friday, 5 March 2010

Friday Fibre Odds n Ends

Great interview on Radio Lincs about VONGA, FTTH, fibre rates, the colloquium, and rural broadband generally, by Trefor Davies.

Every radio and TV station should have such regular techie snippets that explains all of this in plain English. Well done, Radio Lincs.

A business model for open FTTH networks is being prepared and there is a thread in the forum now for discussion on this matter.

Meanwhile, if anyone would care to buy me a present, I'd quite like one of these fibre frivolities to wear at the next colloquium!

1 comment:

Cyberdoyle said...

if you get anyone to take you up on the fibre frivolity I would like one too... mega.
Tref's interview was great, he certainly knows his stuff, unlike a lot of the reporting we hear about where journos just quote the distorted ofcom stats...