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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Challenge on....gauntlet laid down

In the run-up to the election, and bearing in mind that Gordon Brown is going to try and hit every electoral button tomorrow with the latest "vote winning announcement", (Update: 10pm Sun -in the last 10 mins this page appears to have been taken down, but we happen to have a screenshot) we have a challenge for you. It's open, bring it on!!

We believe in our little world that broadband is at the centre of everything. To us, it is the solution. Whatever the question.

So, the challenge to you is to come up with any social or economic issue in this country and we will tell you why broadband and FTTH is the solution.

Game on! (Oh, and if you want the actual game that goes with this, please let us know. We created it some years ago and it has now developed much further and is a fantastic resource, though we say it ourselves.)


chris said...

I saw the page today sometime, but must have closed my browser, have you a screen grab of it?

GuyJ said...


How about a hermit?

Why does a hermit need broadband and why would they benefit?

Cybersavvy UK said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cybersavvy UK said...

Guy, hermitism is of course a major social and economic issue in the UK which will be of huge prominence in the run-up to the election...Not.

Despite my reservations about your reasons for asking such a question in response to the challenge, which was of course meant to stimulate real debate not descend into some sort of farce....our team recommend the following:

We suggest that the hermit needs broadband firstly to watch this clip and understand he isn't alone, (which may come as a shock and hence require telehealth and psychiatric support. Considering his location and proximity to the nearest Health Centre and the likelhood of there being a specialist consultant in the region, a broadband connection would permit him to stay in his 'cave' and gesticulate as required, or now speak, inevitable after such a prolonged period of silence which has been so rudely interrupted.)

Secondly, we suspect he may need some new juniper bushes. There are many online retailers of seeds and trees, and should he have special planting conditions, which looking at the terrain we think he may have, he can video chat with the suppliers to explain the situation and get precisely the right genus.

As his mobile connection is likely to be as poor as anyone else in rural, then calling for an ambulance for the blind man could benefit from online access, and assistance during his stoning from the police may also be required. We suggest Skype or Fring over a decent connection, but if video conferencing is required or evidence in court, perhaps Qik on an EEE PC powered by solar cells?