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Monday, 8 March 2010

FTTH - don't call it 'broadband'

Whilst I was in the States, I was told over and over again, "Don't call it 'broadband'- it's FTTH". The point being that what has been manipulated by telco marketing departments to be a meaningless nothing about speed, contention, services available etc (broadband) cannot hold a candle to what we are all aiming for.

I know there are 101 arguments for FiWi, or I would never have coined the term in the first place, but the reality is that what we are looking to do is not improve a struggling infrastructure incrementally, but go for a major step change instead.

I have just received two articles which bear reading on this matter. Dave Brunnen of Groupe Intellex has been playing with the concept that "This is not an upgrade". In "Comparatively Crazy", Dave explores why we need to stop looking at all of this with an olde school thinking cap on, and instead we need to get disruptive.

In the run-up to the election, we want to see brave politicans tackling the heart of the problem, not taking baby steps away from the old towards the new. In the first year of another new decade, we want to see progress with discarding 100 year old infrastructure and accepting that the time has come to stop allowing the copper cabals (as @cyberdoyle calls them) to run the show that is our lives and business on the Internet, digitally connected age.

If Internet access is deemed to be a human right as the BBC's recent global poll shows, then we need to consider how to ensure that this becomes reality. I personally would add to the question in the poll by saying that what is required is not access to the Internet per se, but access to a communications network which permits us to do many of the things which Dave Brunnen points out in his articles are now possible, plus access to all of the opportunities which are up and coming.

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Cyberdoyle said...

Aye, we just want something that works, and delivers NGA to the whole country. Speeds are immaterial. I don't see the point in patching up the copper any longer. It is time to move on. Its just a shame the politicians and policy makers just don't get IT.
On a lighter note I just got my dad to read my letter to the Valuation office regarding the unfair tax on lighting fibre. He said I had a spelling mistake. CABAL. (he thought it should have been CABLE) LMTO ;)