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Friday, 12 March 2010

Undersea fibre and national fibre taxes

Following on from the Pacific Fibre comment earlier, I thought I'd just bring this article about undersea fibre and cable laying to your attention again.

No, it doesn't relate to all of our problems with poles, ducts, taxes etc but for anyone wishing to get a grasp of some of the issues which surround fibre it is required reading.

BTW can anyone, in a country other than the UK, please offer some input about taxes on fibre in YOUR country? Do you charge a tax on fibre, lit or unlit? Has it been waived to encourage FTTH? Does the incumbent pay less than any other provider, as in UK?

We would really welcome some information from other countries. I have certain bits of info from various EU and non-EU countries, but it'd be great to put together a comrehensive post...

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