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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Dear JON letter?

Posted by Guy Jarvis: Interesting post from Adrian Wooster of CBN that leaves as many questions unanswered as it offers concerning the "JON" concept -

Comment posted as follows:


To summarise your thinking into a single sentence then -

Public Sector pays a per home VLAN (de facto partial cost underpinning of overall connectivity provision) and this encourages the market to build out Next generation Access networks?

The idea has merit, so long as the principles of the open market apply and that said Public Sector order is not simply bundled into a single national or regional package, otherwise that would have the unintended consequence of market distortion.

Quite how this relates to any need for the deliberate creation of a wholesale market for connectivity (beyond what is available already today in the UK) is unclear and I'm sure many of your readers will be interested to hear more details from you.

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MB94128 said...

Does "JON" mean "Jointly Owned Networks" ?

Cute wordplay with a rare usage of that acronym.

NB - is where I found that definition. That's the archive branch of .