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Friday, 5 March 2010

UK needs to shoot for the moon

Classic post about planning the future around gigabit networks, in which Lev Gonick refers to JFK's "We choose to go the Moon" speech in 1962.

With our proposed USC of 2Mbps (up to or at least, we don't know yet) instead of a Korean level USO of 1GBps by 2012, the taxing of NGA assets (wireless and fibre) instead of waiving the tax to get the infrastructure in place, a national failure to create a sustainable long-term plan and hence budget to deliver instead of a forward thinking plan to bring us into the game, are we by any chance trying to create a trip to the Moon with multiple re-fuelling stops en route, instead of aiming as high as we can?

Why are our aspirations so low in this country that no political party has yet come out and said, "Gigabit or Bust" as part of their electioneering? You would be roundly cheered if you did so! If this country is to be Great again, we must aim for the moon.

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