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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

If you were UK Prime Minister.....

Right, dear readers, the great British Press and journalists need your help. As do, we are all beginning to suspect, the government and MPs. There is an ever-growing demand for a simple explanation which answers "What are the plain facts of the matter?"

We can point these good folk to the very many blogs etc, but as is the impatient wont of today's human bean, they want everything in one place. So, here's your chance to let them know.

If you were Prime Minister of this country, how would you solve the broadband problem?

Here's your chance to be PM...and get this right for all of us.

Be as technical as you wish or put it in plain English, just attack one single issue or approach the whole problem holistically, look at rural, or urban, or just speak from your own point of view. But speak now about Building Britain's Digital Future or forever hold your peas...


Cyberdoyle said...
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Cyberdoyle said...

soz. posted first post twice there. bludyamateur haha.
Seriously, if I was prime minister and assuming I knew the full facts I would stop telling folk that 'fttc' was 'superfast' I would stop the digitalbritain minister telling the media that we lead the world and would insist on the truth. I would openly admit that the telcos will never deliver next gen, and invite people who know how to do it to downing st. I would then work with the treasury and come up with a cunning plan to build it out for ourselves, as the ROI will pay for it within a term of office. It would then get us elected again, because it would have paid for itself and saved us a fortune. To enable us to do it cheaper I would employ craftsmen and women I am currently paying dole to. I would I would remove the VOA windows tax on new lit fibre, I would make the councils and utilities an offer they couldn't refuse to cut the crap and red tape and work with us to speed up roll out. If the threat of all that didn't wake up the copper cabal I would eat my hat.
Alternatively I could nationalise the lot of them and JFDI.
anyone wanna employ me still?

GuyJ said...

Vote Cyberdoyle for PM

NGA UK said...

There is only one value that Gov. can add to broadband infrastructure and that is a fund that is available for the Final Third. The other two thirds of the country is highly populous and therefore highly competitive and market dynamics will ensure the private sector deliver - take a look, it is already a numbers game (Virgin announce 100meg cos BT can't do that).

So, as PM I want to deliver a fund to enable broadband for the First Third and I want a group to manage that fund to ensure it is spent wisely and effectively and in line with my policy of ensuring that by 2017 everyone in the country can access a very high speed, symmetrical broadband line.

It is not a million miles away from where we are (assuming the fund is announced by the hon. badger tomorrow) the trouble is politicians and politics keep getting in the way. So my final act would be to remove everyone in the public sector who is currently involved in this (and that includes those funded by the public sector) and set up a new committee of individuals who are new to this. They only need to understand its importance to the country as a whole and their role in making it happen.