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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Think big with a gig

It had to come and many of us have been awaiting today. Google are stepping into the FTTH space. Telcos and ISPS around the world should start quaking in their boots, if they didn't when Google ran a very fat pipe across the Pacific. Communities and consumers should cheer.

This may well be called an experiment, but in reality, it's pure and total disruption. Allow me to WOOP!

If Google were running in the up and coming election, I think they'd be hard-pushed not to take a massive number of votes!

Open access model - perfect.

Nominate your own community - that's where community champions come in, as we have all been saying all along, but many in the industry and government, including local government, have chosen to ignore.

Encouraging innovation - at last!! Without the right infrastructure none of the possible advances which will come from bedrooms and home offices around the country. And in the countryside.

Discovering what the actual problems are, instead of what the telcos claim them to be - great. And knowing Google, these will be shared with the world.

What does this mean for the UK?

I prophesy that BT will be putting out an announcement or two in the very near future that they are upping their battle plan for FTTH in the UK. We all know that Google has close ties with the UK and Ireland, and there is no way Google are unaware of the problems in the UK with 21st century comms, nor how to get around them.

Google getting a few networks in by the time of the London Olympics....that's also a possible.

Is Google taking over the world? Who cares if it gets FTTH to rural communities, finally.

I suspect this will definitely be one the agenda for the colloquium now - book your place today.


Cybersavvy UK said...

Sascha Meinrath's statement outlines why the telcos in Britain have been getting it wrong for so long, failing to build universal networks, and why the open access model is so desperately required.

Come to the colloquium if you want to hear much more about universal networks in the USA report section of the agenda.

Cyberdoyle said...
interesting page if anyone has time to read it! Wish we could get some of them to come to the colloquium...