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Monday, 22 February 2010

Pole Dancing Redux

A wee bit early for May-Poles, so what is happening here in a quiet rural part of North Yorkshire?

Down to Earth, practical Notspot elimination, that's what!


Cyberdoyle said...

AKA JFDI. well done to a great team of Jedi.
See you at colloquium, bring photos.

Fibre User said...

Hi GuyJ

Have just started a "Fibre for Britain" blog, have linked to you on my home page! Hope you can stop by some time

MB94128 said...

Clickies :
"Cyberdoyle" -
Colloquium agenda, 26 Feb. 2010

"Fibre User" -
Fibre (for) Britain Blog

P.S. Not all blogs have auto-linking - so compulsive techies with reference desk training have to fill in.

MB94128 said...

Unfortunately, that "Fibre for Britain" blog seems to have comments disabled and no contact info for the blogger. Hmmmm...