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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Get your invite to Fiber Fete NOW!

David Isenberg and Geoff Daily have organised Fiber Fete in Lafayette, LA in April. It is invite only, and it is one event you really want to attend!

I visited Lafayette on my recent trip to the States, and the work done there to progress FTTH on a community (municipal) ownership model is inspirational, educational, and also offers the opportunity to learn many lessons to bring back to your own country/region/community.

However, this event is not so much about Lafayette as about bringing together global innovators, thinkers, entrepreneurs, policy experts, community activists and more in the FTTH and fibre sector.

Anyone who has been to one of Dave Isenberg's events e.g. WTF or FTC know that when Dave holds an event, it will be worth every moment of your time (just like the colloquia!)

Geoff Daily (who invited me on my recent trip) is renowned for his contacts within the US fibre sector and his blog, App-Rising is a must-follow for an informed US commentary on events within the sector as they unfold, particularly from a Washington perspective.

Go to the website today for Fiber Fete and request your invitation to this unique event now.

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