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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

BOOK now! Making The Final Third Happen Colloquium

Bringing together the end to end players in this vital process of connecting rural areas, the colloquium on 26th Feb is filling up fast.

Whether you work for a council, are an MP with a rural constituency, you know what equipment is required to bring FTTH and FiWi to the disconnected ruralites, you sell said equipment, you offer backhaul to community projects, you are a consumer looking to get a decent connection for your home and business, or you are involved in community initiatives, this event is for you.

Register now and come and join a determined and expert group of people who have all the pieces of the jigsaw to make rural broadband happen.

This event follows the colloquium in Hull last September where the conversations were just beginning to get really interesting before we ran out of time prior to the COTS event!

Full details on the website. Thanks to Timico, Broadsoft and NextGenUs for sponsorship.

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