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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Lisbon FTTH Council conf

OK, I now have an increasingly exciting list of people to meet up with in Lisbon. As last year in Copenhagen, and previously in Amsterdam, many of us didn't even know we were all there and hence never got a chance to meet(!), I propose a meet up of Fibrevolutionaries.

The Fibrevolutionary Meet up will happen at 1.30pm on Wednesday near the buffet bar between stands 10 and 40. That's behind the gold and silver stands to the right if you are facing reception. Look for the Emtelle and Cisco stands and you should be in the right place!

It will be a chance to introduce yourselves, exchange business cards, eat lunch and arrange further social gatherings/ meetings for those who may not be part of a group or company.

See you there!!

1 comment:

fibtic said...

Great idea - See you there - From - best regards