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Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Rural Broadband Colloquium, 26th Feb 2010

Rural broadband has moved up everyone's agenda - politicians, media, RDAs, rural organisations, telcos, businesses, and consumers. And about time too! The Final Third (as those who are deemed unviable to the telcos have been christened), are now front page media material. So.... as we have been doing for almost a decade now, we are holding three FTTH colloquium events during 2010 to Make The Final Third Happen.

For far too long, the rural voice has been unheard: great ideas, commitment, innovation, dedication, and actual JFDI networks have been ignored; many f*&^w$%*s politicians and policy makers, regulators, rural agencies, (sadly, even businesses, citizens and consumers too) have fallen for the hype that there is "no money in connecting those who choose to live outside the cities"....

After 15 years trying to prove this wrong, we now have the evidence that that last statement is simply untrue. We can show:

* That rural communities can be connected to FTTH in a profitable manner
* That affordable capital (<5%) is available for such networks
* That the figures stack up to do it on industry standard models, just as rural areas have done previously with utilities
* That communities can take control where the telcos have shown considerable apathy
* That fibre is not only financially sensible, short and long term, it is also enviromentally wise vs copper
* That the term 'broadband' is completely outdated and UK thinking needs to play catch up, fast, if we want to compete in the global knowledge economy, or any type of global economic marketplace
* That regulators can keep up if they wish to and separate themselves from the hindrance of 'loyalties' to the telcos (often their ex-employers and colleagues)
* And that it is high time that politicians understand the rules of engagement and join the battle for the rural and semi-urban constituencies to adopt 21st century communications. The election is nigh, and as I and others have been claiming for some time ago - broadband will become an election issue of import.

None of us have forked out our own, unclaimable-on-expenses, hard-earned money to go and visit rural FTTH networks elsewhere for no reason. Many of us have not been shouting into the wilderness (of Westminster) and/or acquiring incredible UK-based expertise for all these years without good reason. It CAN BE DONE. It is time for US to do it, not wait for shareholder, career, or vote-driven interests to catch up.

2010 is the year when YOU, whoever you are, can help contribute to connecting the Final Third to fully articulated, universal FTTH networks. Not some sop of "mobile broadband" which can't ever deliver the bandwidth required to achieve the reality of today's services, let alone tomorrow's. Nor extending the monopoly that has been copper for yet more years. Not lowering the bar to a naive USC (not even a USO) that most countries are giggling at the poverty of. Into their GDPs, I may add.

If you believe that you can contribute to Making the Final Third Happen, please come to the colloquium on 26th Feb in Newark, Notts.

This is not some gathering of well-meaning yokels. We are gathering together CEOs, Senior Execs, financiers, ISPs, movers and shakers, purse string holders, wireless and fibre experts, grassroots activists who can often see solutions where BT etc only see problems (usually with their shareholders), as well as very determined individuals who fully understand why UK PLC needs FTTH sooner rather than later and who will deliver on the vision.

We have been so close to making this happen in the last few months, but no-one has brought together all of those who see where the UK FTTH future lies. Until now.

Come to the Colloquium. Space is limited, so book your ticket today.

Make The Final Third Happen

Space is limited at this first event, but the format is designed to ensure everyone is heard, and that plenty of networking happens amongst like-minded people. The chance to meet others who are the missing piece of your jigsaw for a profitable FTTH rural network is higher at a colloquium than when you are lost in a crowd of 400+ delegates, listening to speakers telling you that which you already know, and whom you can't correct when they are wrong. ;o)

Register now

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Cybersavvy UK said...

I apologise if there are issues with the Paypal integration on the /agenda page and any others. It has just been pointed out to me by a friend across the Pond that one page (or more?) doesn't work.

For those who know me, you will know working a 36 hr unpaid shift with a 4 day headache is nothing new. For those who don't, please accept my apologies if you can't sign up from the page you expected. Please try another.

If we paid someone who could build websites in anything other than Notepad, we probably wouldn't have money left for the JFDI stuff we plan to talk about at the colloq! ;o)