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Monday, 3 August 2009

Lack of broadband and estate agents

Just been sent this by an estate agent who I have been pestering for years about people asking about broadband when viewing homes to buy...

He is based in the Yorkshire Dales....

At least 75% of viewings to "rural" in the sticks properties have a conversation regarding broadband availability and sometimes speed, but that's a bit technical for me. 100% of those questioners would not buy a property if the answer was negative! It's a huge disincentive if you are not connected.

I did try getting the National Association of Estate Agents to ask all its members back in 2004/5 but they didn't understand what I was on about. "Broadband? What's that then?" was pretty much the answer I got back! Perhaps it might be worth following that one up again......?

If you know any estate agents, why not ask them how often they are asked about broadband during viewings?

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