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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Digital Britain Implementation

The plan for implementation of the Digital Britain report has been released.... links to relevant docs.....

DB Implementation Plan

Draft Legislation for Digital Economy Bill

Comments? Only one so far. If I remember rightly, Rachel Clark, DBIS, was the person who stood up at the BSG Conference last year and said something along the lines of, "If we can't reach the last 20% of the population with NGA, does it really matter?" (And as we all know, it is now more like a third than a fifth, and if you define NGA in the way other nations do, the percentage creeps up ever higher.)

I hope with all my heart that someone has disabused her of that notion since, particularly as she is now in charge of current and next gen broadband. I know @cyberdoyle was talking to her recently so with any luck that may have changed her mind......

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Cyberdoyle said...

Yes I did speak to Rachel and found her to be very informed about the state of the crappy infrastructure in this country, especially in rural areas. She seemed aware of the fact that in order to rebuild our economy we need next gen access to the global village. I am not sure her remit will enable her to do much good, because it looks like the money available for next gen will be through the development agencies, and we all know where that ends up.
business link.
promoting the benefits of broadband to business. and now they have another job, bringing in the digitally disengaged. These are the people who do have access to broadband and choose not to use it. Hmm.
They also have running water, shouldn't government encourage and check up how often they wash?

I don't know what is going to happen, but I just hope a fellow female can sort it out and bring next gen access to digital britain. I sincerely hope she isn't taken in by the suits. For this country to become true citizens of the brave new world they need ubiquitous access to broadband. Not access to a tarted up victorian copper phone line. stopping now.