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Monday, 3 August 2009

Get the old gen and the nextgen involved

Geoff Daily has made a valid point on AppRising about communities aggregating demand for themselves.

It is the school holidays. Every single community in the UK has a bunch of kids who are bored - most households have 1 or 2!

My two have been out and about doing surveys for Geography and Citizenship recently, and are more than capable of getting out into our community, explaining the benefits of true broadband, (after all, it's been the most talked about topic in our house since they were born!), and establishing who needs what in our community.

In addition, we all know the population of the UK is ageing, so every community has the 'oldgen' who have time on their hands, have all sorts of useful skills that could be used to help each community move forwards, aggregate demand, educate other users in the community about the uses of IT and broadband etc.

By involving both the young and old in this task, communities can begin to establish what is required now, what may be required in the future, and also cement ties within their own circles to people they may not have known were their neighbours.

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