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Friday, 7 August 2009

BT FTTC trails getting smaller

Unlike the street cabs. Muesli Hill residents have complained about BT street cabs for FTTC trial.....

Bloody ungrateful lot! LOL Hopefully, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh have wider pavements.

The Times are today reporting that there is to be a halt (temporary, one would assume) to BT's FTTC trial in Muswell Hill because the street cabs are so big they are causing pavement distress for residents.

Planning applications for BT street cabs have already been turned down in Haringey, which leads one to wonder how other councils will view such applications now.

Really, FTTC should be dead in the water anyway, as it is yet another interim technology to sweat the copper asset, and avoid making the necessary investment now. The reality is that telco companies are not being hit so much by the recession as being hit by shareholder etc need to keep investment to a minimum so they can rake in their nice fat cheques from high share prices etc. (Neatly illustrated from a US perspective in the by russ-iha in the comments on the Ars Technica article about rural telcos weaving the fibre web)

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