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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Importance of Communication - Colloquium and COTS

In order to get this country out of the Digital Dark Ages and into the light, we all need to communicate and work together.

Many individuals and organisations are making strenuous efforts, often seemingly and illogically against the flow, to drag this country into the world of next generation communications. This 'dragging' includes both infrastructure and applications, as well as an under-educated populace, which including politicans, RDAs (Regional Development Agencies), government departments, citizens, businesses, telcos and so on.

It is apparent that education and coming to compromises on many issues will be crucial to the success of these endeavours, and in order to do, people need to talk, share ideas, work together and if necessary, rock the boat to achieve forward motion (and possibly the loss overboard of some of the least workable ideas!).

So, here are a list of things which currently require attention in deadline order:

1) BSG has put together a spreadsheet of ratings scenarios for property rating for the VOA (Valuations Office Agency). Comments are required by 2nd September 2009.

2) FTTH Colloquium - part of the JustNextGenUs 2009 event in Hull, this morning session will bring together all those interested in community networks, whether suppliers, Parish and County Councillors, residents, LSP members, planning departments, community organisations, ISPs, etc etc etc. Funding, business models, ownership, technical aspects of FTTH and NextGen, community engagement, education and more will be covered. There will also be an exhibition of next gen equipment and services. Attendance will be £10 for the session. Donations are also welcomed to share with RNLI Spurn Point.

3) COTS Meeting - next Thursday 3rd September, afternoon session. A second opportunity to learn about the COTS Project and get involved to help make it workable for community networks and operators/telcos to work together for a viable nextgen future. Sign up now to attend the free COTS meeting in Hull

4) If you are attending either of the above sessions (remotely or in person) at the JustNextGenUs event, please visit the Fibrevolution forum to add any questions, introduce yourself, and get involved in the ongoing discussions.

5) All-party Parliamentary enquiry into Digital Britain targets, in particular broadband speed. Deadline 25th Sept 2009.

Anything else I have missed for this coming month?

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Cyberdoyle said...

"1) BSG has put together a spreadsheet of ratings scenarios for property rating for the VOA (Valuations Office Agency). Comments are required by 2nd September 2009."
Have you a link where we can add comments to that, or is it just for industry to comment?

Will the results be available at the COTS meeting the day after?

Cybersavvy UK said...

Chris, the spreadsheet is now in your inbox.

May I point out that the Broadband Stakeholders group is OPEN TO ALL? Although it is run by Intellect folk, which is as an industry body, the BSG has to be open to all stakeholders to succeed for all.

I hope Peter may make a comment about the spreadsheet as this is important stuff for COTS but please, put something on the forum so we can feed this in to the afternoon session - thanks.