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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Crap haircut...but great quote

There are reasons for the blog roll down the right hand side. They are generally good, very good, or exceptional reads...

Since Martin of Telepocalypse fame went off to BT, his posts seem to have become even more sporadic than previously. For instance, for several months, the blogroll down there had this classic snippet from Mr Geddes:

Bed-bound broadband

It’s 1.17am. I’m sending a 21Mb file to a printing service for reproduction for a client workshop. It says it’ll take another 19 minutes to upload.

If anyone ever asks you “what on earth will people do with all that bandwidth?”, the answer is “go to bed earlier”.

His insights are well known to anyone who has ventured into the world of Telco 2.0 - you mean, there are readers here who haven't?? This is one such quote to give you pause for thought from his most recent interview (and yes, I think he may be right about the haircut!).

What in your view are the key media trending topics in the next 5 years?

Watch for the disaggregation of all existing media and rise in power of (re-)aggregators. Also we are witnessing the de-monetisation of media – too many voices (supply), not enough willingness to pay (demand). For example, the idea you could sell music, rather than just do it and experience it, is a recent phenomenon in human history. The most compelling message is ‘I love you’, and that has no price. The future is a return to the past – we are social and participative, just we won’t need to physically sit around the same fire at the edge of the same cave. We all, collectively, are the media.

With all the ongoing discussion about the rise and fall of newspapers, journalism, DRM, selling content online etc etc, this is a delightful way to remind us about values.

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Cyberdoyle said...

Love the quote.“go to bed earlier”.