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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

How to use 50Mbps

BBC Tech's Darren Waters has been testing Virgin's 50Mbps connections for a week or so. Read the tests he ran, what he tried to do on the connection, and how it all worked. However, his very first sentence is wrong. He is only one of the broadband elite in the UK!! Far too many other countries' consumers would think 50Mbps/1.5Mbps is not a particularly great connection in 2009....

Day 1 Note: the asymmetry of the connection
Day 2Note: Benoit asking about degradation, but we do not know how many other users in Darren's area- it would really help if Virgin got involved a little more.
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5Finally we get to see some real world tests, although obviously those commenting have certain issues with them. I don't notice any government sites being visited so maybe Carter needs to read these blog posts and see what suggestions are being made by your average Joe internet users ;o)

Two 8MB jpgs taking 5 mins to send by email is hopeless if you are working as a graphic designer or software designer for instance sending textures to the software house, let alone those of us who want to send family photos to the other side of the world (or even the Yorkshire Dales). The asymmetry problem is still one of the biggest for many of us, I'm sure.


Darren said...

Thanks for reading the posts. Appreciate the feedback.

I still feel one of the elite though.


Cybersavvy UK said...

In the UK, Darren, you undoubtedly are. Just not compared to other countries!

We can pretend that what Virgin is putting out is good, and that the UK is a competitive broadband nation, or we can be honest about it. Asymmetrical connections are not where we need to be in 2009 and beyond, nor is 50Mbps.