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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

FTTH & Sustainability - foreplay!

Following a very good lunch of fish, homemade chips and interesting salads, with plonk (how civilised!) am now in the breakout session 2. Sustainability and FTTH

Bill St Arnaud of Canarie does it right by turning up- on a video conf link and therefore saving on emissions. Fast-paced presentation, very interesting concepts.

Mentions g-commerce or green commerce. Obama's chief advisor has said, "Not climate change but more like global climatic disruption".

Scientists saying we need to reduce CO2 by 90% by 2040 to slow down the climatic disruption. 26tonnes CO2 in US per person pa, need to get down to 2 tonnes per person pa

Stresses urgency of this if we are to even to begin to slow down the disruption. prob too late to stop it.

Tho IT contributes to emissions 2-3%, the smart report says about using IT to reduce emissions through smart meters, smart tech etc.

FTTH can reduce by global emissions equiv to those of US and china

Global carbon market expected to grow to 58% to $82 bn during 2009. $57 trillion

Major bb developments and FTTH can use the monies from the carbon market to fund.

Carbon economy has potential to fund several bank bailouts or 2-3 Iraq like wars.

Policy approaches carbon taxes, offsets, cap and trade, carbon neutrality by law.

Important changes but Bill reckons there is a different approach - carbon rewards rather than carbon taxes. Rewards consumers through new services if they reduce carbon footprint eg ebooks, emovies, distance learning and health services. Use NGN and FTTH to deliver services for free if they reduce their carbon footprint.

Consumers are responsible for 60% of all co2 emissions, directly 35% eg heating etc, 25% indirectly through products purchased

Claims current broadband biz plans have flaws. Biz case predicated on triple play. Voice, video etc revenues declining. Govt subsidy or biz models such as municipal or community deployments with public sustainability is a different matter from purely commercial case.

Ottawa model - rewards with free ftth by combining it with the resale of electricity and gas. Denmark well positioned to replicate this.

Customer pays 2c/ KWhr premium for utilities but gets ftth for free. Encourages customers to reduce electricty/gas bill but they get to keep the ftth. Total bill is reduced on a fourplay model inc utility

benefit for network operator, there is a revenue stream that is based on energy consumption rather than on triple play. certainty of income for operators.

ottawa condo backbone fibre & green broadband pilot. in Canada lack of independent service providers but they are working on that

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