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Monday, 14 July 2008


OK, I admit defeat. I have signed us up on Facebook.

It will never ever be cyworld, which I would die for (virtually, obviously!), but in the absence of ways to network with others who need FTTH in the real world, and who have things to say, I have finally succumbed.

There is now an FTTH UK fibrevolution group, and we are going to begin the actions that are required to find the FTTH activists, investors, frogs (read about lilypads if that doesn't make sense) and more.

WATCH this space...... (until I can work out how to put the RSS feed from the blog into Facebook)

Find us on Facebook, join us, bring your friends and neighbours in to the fold etc.

I am actually quite horrified about how few of the folks in my inbox are on Facebook, in a way (especially clients, industry specialists, activists etc). Until I realise that our way of communicating has been pretty effective up to now. This is just another tool, but it may prove useful.

Let many flowers bloom...invite your friends into our circle and let's watch the flower bed grow.

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