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Monday 31 December 2018

Prepping for yet another trip....

Read more! Cables, adaptors, plugs, memory cards.....what more?

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We all travel. Even if only to work in town. We need batteries for our devices, cables, memory cards (or cloud - pah, who trusts that?!) You probably walk out the door without your socks or shoes on before you forget your device needs. Because, life revolves around your phone, tablet, connection....right?

I´m old enough to remember...last week when we left the house worrying about really basic things like warmth - scarf, coat, hat, gloves; money to pay a bus fare or the Tube; a sarnie for lunch (there weren´t no Subways back then* and chip shops only opened in the evening); doorkey; etc. Back then, we only had a few basic things to worry about.

Now, imagine if you leave home with your phone part charged, you´ve forgotten your cable (don´t let it be one of those Huawei ones - you apparently can be shot for even owning an Huawei now), left your 1/2kg x zillion Mah battery charger on the kitchen table, and your credit runs out between zone 1 and 2. I suspect sympathy is gonna be minimal, all round. The fact that you are also locked out of your own home, shoe and sockless and with no bait for lunch will mean far less than the fact you LET YOUR PHONE RUN OUT.

Uber sin.

*BTW, that is called "atmospheric descriptive dialect". In Yorkshire.

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Been a looking for connectivity, again.

Read more! I seem to have a few blogs floating around. I am off searching for decent connectivity though, so I am going to restart this one....
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It has been a while since I last wrote here. B4RN and many other similar projects have taken off - the finances work, the myths have been dispelled, the rurals are connected, often to a gig symmetrical. The EU incumbents have mainly not taken off and use marketing lies to con the public - copper is fibre, superfast is wifibre (WTAF?!), and the atrocity that is publicly available USABLE wifi has been exposed, in EU and USA. (Not in Asia though...interesting....could we persuade our lot to fall on a sword for unusable connections?!))

I´ve got accustomed to 1GB for 1 euro in Morocco, available far more widely than I can find in EU equivalent areas, eg deeply rural.. USA is still tied in knots and seemingly getting nowhere fast, except with our friends in Chattanooga, LUS etc. The truth is out there, but few people have the time to look in to it. The worst bit? Politics has properly got in the way of the infrastructure needed for any sane country to function. In the first world countries anyway.....

So, I tried many years ago (Bolivia), and again last January (Argentina) and am going to give it another go....this time...Peru.

Prepare the marmalade sandwiches, Paddington....we are going in.....

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