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Thursday, 10 July 2008

100Mbps symmetrical by 2015

In the US, of course, not here in the UK.

The full article is here My opinion? (which of course you want to hear!) is

* Too little
* Too late
* Too few (a majority of Americans, not all)

But at least it is a start, even if some US states already have more advanced (both in development and in thinking) policies such as Gigabit or Bust (California, 2003), Utopia (Utah, 2003) etc, whilst Canada are light years ahead on thinking, deployment and usage.

Now, bring some of that thinking over the Pond......

Any more examples from around the world of advanced thinking worth adding to the mix, readers? Sweden, Latvia, Korea, etc spring to mind. Let's make a list of links to projects to inspire our politicos.....

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