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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Our NGA Vision is.....

Calling grassroots activists and everyone with an idea about Digital Britain, USC delivery, nextgen broadband etc

This blog post can be read at

There's a fab but constantly evolving doc doing the rounds that you might like to help make public. In the old days, it would have been called a chain letter.

There are 60 million people in this country who could spend money effectively on public services, so if you know how you would like to see £530M + spent on broadband, please get involved in the letter doing the rounds. Pass it on to your MP, councillors etc, at whatever point you see it.

Without a doubt, the best suggestion so far is that counties lay ducts in the roads and rent them out on a long term basis to fibre infrastructure suppliers. But many of the other ideas are great too!

If you see the doc on HTTP, post a link. It's currently under the radar and the last three times I have seen it in emails, it had changed radically from the previous attempts but it's getting way more exciting now....

If you are a councillor, please get in touch so we can try to get you one of the latest copies for your area.

I used to hate those chain letters, but this one gives me hope!

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