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Friday, 2 September 2011

How others are doing rural connectivity

Great quote: “For those who stay firm, there is commercial potential in rural connectivity too,” proclaims Ginguld. A social enterprise offering wireless broadband in northern India and the Himalayas is chucking up to 70Mbps at deeply rural communities with ingenuity and innovation.......
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Are we really going to be satisfied with connecting our own rural communities with 2Mbps? Or are we going to bite the bullet and keep up with remote and rural folk across the world in far more dire situations than our own?

If a project such as AirJaldi can create 20 local jobs, then that should be one of the criteria of any money spent in the UK too. Not just moving existing employees around the country to then claim that new employment has been created in the region, but real new jobs being created, running the networks, offering tech support, training the community etc to be self-supporting.

Shouldn't we, in reality, be embarrassed about how we are tackling the problem here? Why are we throwing such vast quantities of money to only achieve such minimal solutions as are being talked about on a daily basis now? The USC has always been the lowest bar you could possibly set, but where are the innovative pilots that BDUK promised to fund that we could be as proud of as those behind AirJaldi?

AirJaldi is more next gen than the connectivity the vast majority of the UK Final Third are going to enjoy this decade at the rate we are going.....

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