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Saturday, 17 September 2011


Brilliant!! It was always destined to be a unique event and I'm proud to have been on it.
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23 people from Cumbria, Yorkshire, Surrey, Minnesota... Wow! The rain held off. We discussed, I think, many of the issues (what did we miss?!) you face in 1, 10 or 10,000 square miles of rural FTTH.

Thanks to ITS the sponsors, Warcop Parish Council, Donny, each and every attendee, Darren at the pub, the weather and a few hidden folk who made today possible.

@johnpopham filmed it all so don't miss out.

All I can say is a massive thank you to everyone and ... Wow! We can JFDI now. So good to meet the last few people in the jigsaw, face to face.

A great day. And we will be doing more of these #FibreWalk events all through the next 12 months to make sure word gets out about what is possible with a little communication!

Cat5 the twisted purr and I are listening to the rain (missed us!) and cogitating on another successful event made possible by the incredible people who showed up. Thank you all.


chris said...

thanks for putting the event on, it was mega. What a lot of knowledge in such a small group, and what a lot we all learnt. Sharing information is the way to go, joined up thinking and common sense. JfDI.

Yorkie71 said...

As Chris said, for communities to benefit, this is the way to go. Well done you for setting this up. Shame that I couldn't make it.

Hopefully if there's more I might get a chance.