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Thursday, 8 September 2011

AFL Telecommunications have given me the best birthday present ever!

Who wants flowers?! I'd like to send a huge public thank you to all the team at AFL Telecommunications......

This blog post can be read at

AFL have sent me 1 mile of fibre as a fab gift, in time for my birthday. This means that the Cyberbarn project (which received funding as a UK Online Outreach Centre yesterday) will be sitting on top of a very fat, future-proofed fibre connection back to the village.

I cannot thank AFL enough for their support for this project, and others in the past. AFL's involvement in rural FTTH shows exactly how community and industry partnerships can work to move Digital Britain forwards. So, to Barry, Graham, Jo, Jane and Steve, a massive thank you.

More on the Cyberbarn project at the Colloquium and there will be regular progress reports here as we turn a farm building into a unique Fibre Training Centre, cybercafe, ONline Centre and, more than likely, my second home!

1 comment:

chris said...

excellent. er. what day is your birthday, I forgot. would love to rub it in. or send an eCard.
I will ask helen on fb she will know.
nobody ever gave me fibre for my birthday. nor flowers come ter think of it.
got a shared dig under a river promised for my christmas present though. wot funny presents we rural reivers like eh?