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Monday, 19 July 2010

JFDI for your community

Recently, some of us, who make no claims at all to be telecoms experts (unlike others I could name and shame) have come under fire for our views, lack of technical expertise etc. In fact, it reminds me of a previous era, nigh on 8-10 years ago, when our views as first gen doers rather than complainants, came under equivalent fire. This blog post can be read at

I make no bones about not understanding all there is to know about FTTH, fibre splicing, tier 1,2,3 etc, and have spent much of my children's childhood and college allowance on trying to educate myself so I can at least try to argue the case for what I believe in. (Which is a lot more practical than technical). According to the recent critics, not with much success. BUT, I know that I have skills, as do many others around me, that none of the critics can even dream about possessing.

Which is why I welcome the fact that the government has finally stopped taking consultants' views as the 'real thing' and started listening to real people. Not necessarily me, I hasten to add, but people who have a vision of how the UK could look and how to achieve it.

One of those who has listened to many views is my recently elected MP - Rory Stewart. I've read parts of his books and am envious of his experiences walking, alone, across the Far East, India, as well as his task as CPA etc. I've been to that part of the world, too. But my book doesn't have quite such an exciting title nor probably content as his - Fiasco. Hmmm! But he is another one who saw the value of taking a sabbatical and getting real world experience. And for that - utmost respect to one of a new generation of MPs who actually have real world experience. His recent columns in our local paper have made refreshing reading.

And now today, we will see something new and novel and exciting. Especially for our patch. I'd like to say to the disclaimers, especially as a Quaker - HOLD YOUR FIRE. The world has moved on, new things are afoot, give us a chance to prove ourselves. There are an awful lot of people seemingly on (y)our side to make things happen - JFDI - and they are in positions of knowledge, experience, expertise, and more. Please join in, inside of trying the 'divide and conquer' tactic.

Let us have a chance to show our hand, to do what is required to achieve 'our dreams', and if/when we don't (again, for some of us) then, and only then, knock us down. Or you could be stopping exactly what this country requires - innovation, creativity, out of the box thinking, collaboration, co-operation etc.

I lived in Spanish speaking countries for a long time and I would say - Mañana es otro dia. All of you who are ripping shreds out of some of the grassroots people, you can either watch, or you can get involved. It's up to you.

If you know so much, then contribute, collaborate, co-operate and make it happen for this country, a little bit at a time. As someone said recently, "It's just like eating an elephant. If we all take a bite, it will be dealt with so much quicker". (Conservationists, pls back off - it's a theoretical elephant!!!)

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Cyberdoyle said...

Timely post.
It is time we all worked together to make this happen, we each need to eat a bit of the elephant, no bit is too small. Whether it is an ISP standing up to BET, a fibre splicer teaching a community how to do fusion, a householder digging a trench up their garden, a politician clearing out some out of date legislation or a schoolchild showing their gran how to use skype, we all have our roll to play.
Together we can Do IT. Together we Are the Network.