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Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Autumn broadband conference

Or....Why I live in t'middle of nowhere. I know it has confused some of you city types for nigh on 15 years why anyone would live where I do, but you are about to get the chance to understand. And, on top of the unmissable 2010 broadband conference, you have a chance to enjoy our rural, Northern hospitality at its best.

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The tickets for the Penrith and Borders broadband conference are up for grabs in the next few days. But, why come up here just to listen or attend a conference? Come and enjoy our fantastic scenery (see pic - pls forgive grime and wipers as we rescued MOD folk from the Fells), partake of our lifestyle, share the warmth that reflects the hospitality in the Lake District, bring your Mrs/Mr, kids etc, and learn what it is that I and others have fought so hard to connect all these years.

Yes, it's a conference, but it's on a Saturday, and therefore you can make a weekend of it. This is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous parts of England - why go home in a hurry?!

We are happy, as Eden residents, to arrange Friday evening events in Penrith etc, and Sunday outings around our great outdoors. We would like you to come and enjoy this fabulous part of England, and are happy to make your time here with family, friends, colleagues over the weekend of the 18th Sept 2010 into a memorable occasion, far beyond broadband alone.

But if all you want to talk about is rural broadband,we can offer you a once in a lifetime trip with full colloquium opportunities, and the chance to present your solutions to the companies and communities ready to do so!

Book your family weekend away in September to the Eden Valley and the Lake District and see how life here really is. You won't ever see anything like this at a London conference - don't miss out!

If you need a deal for accommodation, travel etc, get in touch through this blog or Cumbria Tourist Board. Come and stay, you really won't ever regret it.

Check out our Big Society award winning photos and community plan


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Have you got any more information? Very interested in attending.

GuyJ said...

Count me in!

Cyberdoyle said...

great idea, superb place to visit. need some links adding to the post for quick clicks. (local hotels you recommend etc)

Cybersavvy UK said...

Tickets for the conference will be on sale on 28th July from Rheged for £15. Watch this space! The programme is just being finalised and there are some great speakers lined up.

Stay at the Penrith Lakes Hotel (lovely spa!), the George, the Agricultural Hotel, or the Station Hotel (cheap and cheerful)

Cybersavvy UK said...
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