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Monday, 26 July 2010

Engaging your community

Interesting last couple of weeks. My patch/manor got nominated as one of the 4 vanguard communities for the Big Society. Life went a little hectic....autumn broadband conference announced... etcThis blog post can be read at

So, done a little thinking.

How do you engage your community?

Speak clearly - As my sproglet has quite clearly iterated, speak in English not geek.

Think clearly - Think out of the box - if you think broadband is for x, find out all the y, z, a, b,c,d, uses and promote them

Listen carefully - Learn about those around you. Listen once, twice and thrice.

Watch - how others use this technology. It may not be how you had envisaged.

Share - tell others what you have seen. Communicate.

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Cyberdoyle said...

engaging your community is easy. If you have something to engage about. What is difficult is selling a pipe dream which it isn't possible to demonstrate. Once a community knows its possible to get next generation access by their own efforts and with affordable support they will do it.