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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

JFDI Community Broadband Books

More Amazon orders today. Please, please, please, if you want the JFDI Community Broadband books, especially in light of what has been laid and lit in the last couple of days, order them here on Lulu.

Why? I knew you would ask that! Because Amazon want the books for cheaper than I can get them published, and because of their system, it is desperately environmentally unfriendly for me to have them shipped from the south of England (the printer for Lulu) to Cumbria, to stick in Amazon's order slip, and despatch them back down south to Amazon's warehouse. Which I can only do at a loss, both from the printing and shipping.

Tis easy, if you want the books (which seemingly, many of you do looking at my email hashtag for Amazon Advantage recently), please buy them from Lulu and save the planet and my non-existent wallet. Cheers!

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