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Thursday, 14 May 2009

All three vids of the JFDI FTTH crew

Not sure what the BBC are playing at. We could have had a half hour series on this dig on prime time TV judging by the amount of interest!! All three videos are now on Youtube and the links are all here for you, with the third hot off the press this very morn. With suggested music to accompany this fab feat!

I need to stress that one of the most important reasons for this JFDI FTTH exercise is the fact that there is no ADSL in the vicinity. Whereas we have been pushing for FiWi for years (Fibre--> wireless), these connections are having to be wireless-fibre because of the lack of fibre in close proximity, nor decent copper for that matter.

This situation is rife across rural UK but has managed to vanish under the radar over the years, despite attempts to highlight the huge number of notspots and the impact this has on rural regeneration, quality of life, innovation, business development and so on.

However, there are some advantages to this route of starting with wireless backhaul. Firstly, the wireless connection is symmetrical and so users can upload and download at the same speed. The importance of upload speeds and capacity should never be under-estimated in this age of consumer generated content and prosumers. Secondly, the options for increasing the backhaul are open to competition and technology neutral - no reliance on nor even presence of copper capable of taking over from the wireless here. And unsurprisingly, those operators wishing to get involved in this type of rural connectivity have been coming out of the woodwork even prior to this video series.


"Ain't no stopping us now" - Part 1 of the Great British fibre diet starts

"C'mon on baby, light my fibre" - Part 2 of the JFDI FTTH dig

"Pickin a bluebell in the merry month of May" - Part 3 of the rural fibre dig video series.

1 comment:

Cyberdoyle said...

just shows how important users are in uploading content dunnit? We are way ahead of the bbc in news stories, we just need the means to do it, which fibre to the homes will give us instead of having to compress, edit and use youtube all the time! we could have our own channels and make our own films just like we have made our own news with this story. A first for rural UKplc and they have missed it.